What is WebViz?

WebViz is a server based technology that allows the visualization of 3D models on the Web. The benefits of a server based approach are enormous:

Why would I use WebViz?

The advantages of bringing interactive 3D to your web content are countless. WebViz server-based technology grants your projects with a simple, powerful and hands- on 3D solution.

Who can use WebViz?

Any project can benefit from the benefits of WebViz 3D interactive online solution:

When can I get started with WebViz?

Now and it’s free ! WebViz is simple, powerful, and reliable and you can try it for free!

How does it really work?

WebViz is empowered by Kitware.
The WebViz web service uses ParaViewWeb which aims to provide a collaborative remote web interface for 3D visualization with ParaView as a server.
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