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Sign-up to one of Kitware’s support packages and benefit from Kitware’s recognized expertise to reliably and efficiently optimize all the development efforts you put towards your project.

  • Save time by having Kitware experts answering technical questions for you
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How does Kitware’s support work?

  • Identification of your technical problems for accurate understanding and effective correction
  • Quick bug fix for faster development
  • Dedicated contact, you will know who to get in touch with
  • Troubleshooting and specific fixes
  • Best practices - receive recommendations and best practices to optimize your development
  • Use your Kitware support package at your own pace, according to your project’s planning and needs.

Once you have subscribed to your support package, you can send your support requests to your dedicated Kitware engineer by phone, e-mail or via our dedicated platform. Your issue will be processed as soon as possible.


The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) allows you to integrate 3D into your C++, Java, Python and TCL applications. Our experts can help you answer technical questions about the use of the library, but also can help to develop filters or customized 3D applications.


ParaView is an open-source application for visualizing scientific data. ParaView can be deployed on a cluster for visualization and post-processing of very large datasets. ParaView can also be used in remote mode and accessible via a web interface. Our ParaView experts can help you answer technical questions about the use of the tool, but also for the development of plugins or customization of interfaces.


The Insight Toolkit (ITK) allows you to perform image processing in your C ++, Java, Python and TCL applications. ITK can help you answer technical questions about the use of the library, but also for the development of filters or personalized applications.


ActiViz is the VTK wrapping for C#, it allows to easily integrate 3D in your .Net applications. Kitware distributes precompiled binaries as well as support for its clients.


You are starting with CMake or you have plenty of code using CMake and you want to know about the best practices and make sure your code is correctly maintained.
Our CMake experts can help you with these topics.


You need a tool to visualize your LIDAR data, Veloview can help. Our experts can help to develop a custom application for your data and integrate specific algorithms into your application.

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